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Nano CBD Antioxidant Creme ~ 500mg CBD


If you are following our superstar skin routine, use this Antioxidant Creme as your final moisturizer – the last step in the routine – after gently cleansing, using the Charcoal Creme Masque, and the Vitamin C Creme.
As you know, Antioxidants are your skin’s best friend. They fight off free radicals and the effects of aging and daily living. Our creme has a luscious base of organic avocado and jojoba oils, plus rosehip, carrot, and organic neem too. And don’t forget the soothing organic aloe, cannabidiol (CBD) and nourishing vitamins A, B%, C and E. WOW! A power punch of super healing antioxidants. This moisturizer replenishes and revives dull, dry skin, leaving it rejuvenated, renewed, refreshed. If you listen closely you can hear your skin say “ahhhh”.

Nano CBD Charcoal Creme Masque ~ 500mg CBD


Use this mask after gently cleansing your face. It’s loaded with clarifying activated charcoal and nourishing hydrators like hyaluronic acid, organic olive and jojoba oils, along with antioxidant rich organic rooibos, toning DMAE and pure, anti-inflammatory cannabidiol (CBD). Whether these are used at home or while being pampered in a resort spa, the charcoal creme masque will leave your skin feeling deeply hydrated, soft and supple.

Best for dry or mature skin.

Balanced for the skin’s pH between 4.2 to 5.8.

For an amazing skin care routine, this should be followed with our amazing Nano CBD Vitamin C Creme, and then our Nano CBD Antioxidant Creme for moisturizing. Your skin is going to LOVE you!!

Nano CBD Moisturizing Lotion + Emu Oil ~ 500mg CBD


Aloe, Emu and Cannabidiol (CBD) all in one lotion? Absolutely! Emu oil is rich in the fatty acids your skin loves – Omega 3, 6 & 9 – and it just happens to be a wonderful anti-inflammatory, just like CBD. But that’s not all, it’s also high in vitamins A, D, and E – This lotion nourishes skin and nails, and helps to support the body’s response to inflammation. Try it. You’ll love it!

Nano CBD Vitamin C Creme ~ 500mg CBD


Use Vitamin C Creme after gently cleansing the face and using the Nano CBD Charcoal Creme Masque. This creme is packed full of goodies for the skin – organic blueberry, raspberry and cranberry extracts, with omega 3 & 6 enriched rosehip oil, clarifying white willow bark and more, all combine to support, balance, soothe, brighten and revive dry, dull, listless skin. Also featuring soothing organic aloe and cannabidiol (CBD), this brilliant concoction delivers high concentrations of valuable vitamin C esters directly to your skin every single day!

Balanced for the skin’s pH between 4.2 to 5.8.

For our superstar skin care routine, follow with our amazing Nano CBD Antioxidant Creme as your final moisturizer. Your skin is going to absolutely adore you!!

Anxiety Soother Bath Bomb ~ 35mg CBD


Kiwi, Lemongrass, and Neroli oils are anxiety-reducing, skin nourishing, and super moisturizing. While natural Coconut oil, Hawaiian Black Salt, and pure Cannabidiol (CBD) complete the tropical experience by washing away aches and lifting your spirits. Take a break and relax your vessel.

Hemp Derived CBD Healing Oil 50 ml 100 mg


Have you ever considered anything being better than a relaxing massage? No? That was before our CBD Healing Oil. Imagine rubbing this into your body… OH MY! Things are looking up, my friend! Mention this to your massage therapist. Don’t have one? Never fear!! Just put a small amount in your hand and practice some soothing self massage. Ahhhhhh, bye-bye pain.
And don’t forget your PETS! They need the healing power of CBD on their skin as well! GREAT for hotspots and use on joints and healing skin.

Romantic Relaxation Bath Bomb ~ 35mg CBD


Ready for love? Allow the Bamboo and Ylang Ylang to seduce your senses and bringing about peaceful, loving vibes. Feel the Coconut oil and Cannabidiol (CBD) wash away today’s stress and tension. A tub full of love, you couldn’t ask for more… except maybe a tub mate to share the experience with.

Shea Skin Healer Bath Bomb ~ 35mg CBD


The Helichrysium (also called Immortelle) flower has extraordinary longevity and anti-aging capabilities. Bergamont, Shea Butter, and Pink Himalayan Salt also nourish the skin and replenish moisture. The Cannabidiol (CBD) is like the cherry on top, counteracting the signs of aging caused by free radicals, reducing redness and warding away breakouts.

Hemp Derived CBD Lip Balm 125 mg


Kiss and tell them all about the CBD on your lips! These are not just any super sassy, healthy, soft lips – these are happy-go-lucky, pain and anxiety free, inflammation in check, out living our best lives, looking and feeling good while we do it, kissable lips. Our lip balm is pocket-sized and perfect for keeping the CBD flow going throughout the day. *MUAH*

Hemp Derived CBD Hand Cream 2 oz 500 mg


A little dab’ll do ya! Look at the tip of your pinky finger, a dollop that size to start, but more if you need it. It packs a powerful punch yet it’s pocket size, perfect for travel, and great for relief on the go. Our super soft and potent cream will leave you feeling moisturized while giving your body the CBD it needs to ward away the unwanted affliction.