Bee Relieved 250mg CBD Goat Milk & Honey Orange Soap


Antioxidant Rich CBD Goat Milk & Honey Orange Soap for Face + Body



A perfect blend of honey & goat milk creates a creamy, moisturizing & soothing bar. We add an antioxidant powerhouse 250mg of CBD which may help improve skin softness, clarity & tone. Orange oil provides a refreshing citrus shower boost, containing Vitamin C & help promote healthy skin!  Honey is naturally antibacterial, clay is known to gently detox, clarify & nourish skin.
Made with Earth Clay, Oils of Coconut, Palm & Sunflower, Pure Local Honey, Orange Essential Oil, Glycerin & CBD Isolate
Our Bee Soaps are Detergent Free, contains Zero SLS, gluten free & No animal testing.
aprox 5oz (141g.)


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